Escape game Jungle

When the impenetrable jungle seizes you, you can't outrun it.
The only way out is to overcome all its pitfalls. Can you do it?

We have one of the world's most popular games that
will exceed all your expectations.



  • a thrilling adventure that draws you into the action
  • proven concept
  • plenty of tricky puzzles
  • authentic scenery
  • modern processing, interactive, intuitive
  • loved by both pro players and beginners
  • excite families with children as well as adult groups
  • actively spent time together
  • game is full of our original verses
  • for an hour you will become a hero like in Jumanji

Do you like board games? We have one for you. But this is a bit different. It will literally draw you into the action and you suddenly find yourself in the midst of wildlife and full of lush vegetation. In our game, you never know what's waiting for you. And watch as the dice are thrown, time is running out and you can not run away anymore. Do you want to get out? Then you have to play and decipher all its secrets and overcome all its pitfalls.

JUNGLE is a popular and world-proven game with very high technical processing. It's based on a great story inspired by Jumanji's cult movie, which was released in cinemas in December 2017. It contains fresh quotes and puzzles, and everything fits in exactly and logically. Success is mainly achieved by mutual cooperation of the whole team.

You have an hour to escape the game! Do you dare? Come and try to check out if you are among those who can get out within the set limit or even in record time!

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Úniková hra Jungle
Úniková hra Jungle
Úniková hra Jungle
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