Become a mafia boss, play dirty!

Do you dare to get dirty and work
for boss of mafia?


Why play it

  • Welcome drink for everyone
  • 6 players at one time
  • Suitable for stag party
  • The game starts already by resrevation
  • Real decorations and bar
  • Exciting adventure

Literally, you will need to save your life in this game. Nothing is at it appears. Do not trust anybody and believe that you are part of the game already by making the reservation. Do not underplay information that you obtain before or during the game!

Mafia boss Don Katto relies on his close friend Tom Graham. They should meet up in Tom´s secret bar and finalize their business. Tom doesn't answer over a week. Find out what happened with Tom and whether the bar is still a safe place for their meeting. Don will be thankful for this dirty job.

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Úniková hra Maphia
Úniková hra Maphia
Úniková hra Maphia
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