Tips and hints

We’ll try to give you some useful information and tips

What time should we arrive? The best what you can do is to arrive about 10 minutes earlier. We will have time to introduce you to the game and you will have enough time to acclimate. If you arrive late, the delay will be taken away from your limit.

How to change reservation? Call us on the mentioned phone number or white us an email.

What to wear? Anything comfortable. The game is in the basement so even in summer long sleeves are useful.

Is the game for foreigners as well? Of course, the game is language neutral.

Why there is a limit of 5 people in one game? Because of the limited space, because if you are more it will make more troubles than advantages. Divide you in two groups and the problem is resolved ;-)

Is it for children? Children less than 12 probably will not enjoy the game properly.

Is there barrier free access? Unfortunately not.

Are you stuck?

Do not be afraid to ask for the help. The time goes seriously quickly when you are playing, so do not waste it searching in vain.

Be careful

Important hints are often hidden where you would not expect them at all. Think and look carefully everywhere. Every object in the game has its meaning.

Nothing is nonsense

If you have discovered something special, talk to others. It may not be nonsense right now, it can be an important piece of the puzzle. It is common in escape games that one thing can be solved in different ways.

Good communication is the key to success

You are a team, so have fun together, work together, ask and help. Believe it or not, it will speed up the game a lot.

Play fair

Never cheat and use violence, you can cause problem to you and also to us. Keep in mind that everything has the right time and nothing can be hurried.

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