Escape game 007 - Secret project

The terrorists planted an explosive charge in a London train and made its departure impossible. You have a limited time to remove dangers and rescuing London!


Why play it

  • Plenty of tricky puzzles
  • Authentic modern riddles
  • Stylish original scenes
  • Actively time spent together
  • A thrilling adventure that draws you into the action
  • Own concept, only available to try with us

The time bomb XG21 was placed in the train. Secret Service estimates the heavy damage to a substantial part of central London. You have to eliminate the danger during regular operations , in such a way that nobody will notice the serious situation and it does not cause panic. The British Secret Service has provided support to you and will continue to do so,, however this is not an official operation and any potential failure will be your responsibility!

Your next instructions will be received at the station…

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