Escape game Al Capone

Al Capone was one of the most famous bosses of organized crime operating in USA. Find evidence and run away! Moran´s gang is on the way to burn the private club.

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Why play it

  • Plenty of tricky puzzles
  • Authentic scenery
  • For advanced gangs
  • Roomy game
  • Actively time spent together
  • Good for celebrations or teambuildings

Al Capone's dreaded police arrested a gang controlled by rival Bugs Moran. Help him during the harsh prohibition of alcohol for freedom and find evidence against Moran. You find yourself in Capone's club. Evidence, which are hidden to help you get out before Moran's gang arrives and club and you burn ....

So fast, Time is ticking!

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Úniková hra Doupě neřesti
Úniková hra Doupě neřesti
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