Chamber of sins

The only one adventure
where you may blush.

Need to break the ice? Chamber of sins is the best start.


Why play it

  • the only one escape room with light erotic background
  • modern processing, interactive, intuitive
  • real decorations
  • loved by both pro players and beginners
  • a thrilling adventure that draws you into the action
  • game suitable for couples too

There was once a beautiful, pure girl called Bianca, whose parents were devoutly religious. This young maiden had never before seen a man other than her father, until one fateful night when she went to pray at a statue of the Virgin Mary in the garden. She saw a man in the shadow of an ancient willow, a disarmingly gorgeous man that charmed her at first sight. His handsome, enigmatic face and masculine physique were irresistible; so, in defiance of her strict and pious parents, Bianca ran away with him. She lost her innocent purity but discovered her passionate sexuality, which Bianca was now free to explore forevermore…

You have a chance to discover their chamber of sins and try the tools they have used for the pleasure and maybe the immortality is waiting for you also.

You better repeat the ways how to kill the vampire…
just for sure

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Úniková hra Doupě neřesti
Úniková hra Doupě neřesti
Úniková hra Doupě neřesti
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